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Welcome to the home of essential matters, a newsletter produced for the hendry group,
essential property services and facility management essentials.

essential matters informs property owners, property and facility managers, body corporate managers, tenants, solicitors, architects, engineers and the like on issues relating to new buildings, existing buildings and alterations to buildings.

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Topics and issues covered in essential matters will encompass property, building regulations, essential safety measures, sustainability, Australian Standards, emergency planning, facilities management, asset management, tenancy conditions, OHS, dangerous goods, industry events and services or products that will assist our subscribers.

About the Hendry Group
Our Group is a multi-disciplinary practice covering all aspects of building control, essential safety measures, emergency planning and facility/asset management software. Our Group pioneered the private building permit/ certification systems in Victoria and New South Wales.

Building Control
Specialist advice covering Building Regulations, BCA, Standards, due diligence reports, permits / construction certificates and occupancy permits. (more...)

BCA Illustrated
BCA Illustrated is a new service designed to provide the issues/ explanations/ interpretations and illustrations of BCA clauses in detail. BCA Illustrated provides architects, engineers and building practitioners the BCA online (Volumes 1 and 2) complete with 3000 illustrations that allows you to visualise how the clauses are applied to your building.
Derek Hendry, Chairman of the Hendry Group, said, "With 3000 illustrations available through the BCA Illustrated online service, users of the BCA now have a sophisticated, intuitive service that bridges the gap in Australia’s Building Standards". (more...)

Essential Safety Measures
On site inspections and audits of essential safety measures and logbooks, our findings reported in a statutory compliant logbook (provided to clients over the web with secure access) detailing all responsibilities of the property owner and tenants for each state and territory. (more...)

Emergency Planning
We provide site specific emergency planning services covering emergency procedures, manuals, training, plans and evacuation exercises. (more...)

fmXpert is a complete facility and asset management system designed by facility managers to put the facility manager in charge of all aspects of their asset maintenance and to manage their facilities in a stream-lined manner. fmXpert has been designed to bring to the market the most advanced software available to date for the management of assets and facilities. fmXpert offers a cost effective, user friendly system that is easy to use allowing companies to increase efficiency of their facility management team while increasing reliability and control and ensuring full regulatory compliance. (more...)

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